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Helping Local Businesses Grow


If you run a local business and want to grow, you’ve come to the right place.  At WSI Total Internet Solutions we are digital marketing experts that specialize in HELPING LOCAL BUSINESSES GROW.  Every business is different and it’s important to fully understand each individual business before determining the best marketing strategies and tactics to take.  That said, we have an exciting and innovative new solution that can be a dramatic changer for so many local businesses in a matter of just weeks. Watch this short intro video to see what it’s all about.

About WSI

Now in 80+ Countries

Began in 1995 (Before Google!) in Mississauga, Ontario

More Than 100,000 Websites Created

2 Time Digital Marketing Agency of the Year

Winner of 140+ Web Marketing Awards and counting

Full Service Digital Marketing Solutions

Free Consultation!

Book your free, no obligation consultation today and not only will you get a one on one video meeting to discuss your business and how to go about growing your sales, but we’ll also provide you with a local marketing intelligence report specifically for your business… also FREE OF CHARGE.  This is a limited time offer so don’t delay, take advantage of this opportunity to get expert advice from the 2 time Digital Marketing Agency of the Year as well as valuable information about your business that you can use to grow.