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How We Grew Sales By 625%

WSI Case Study

How We Grew Our Clients Sales By 625%

Leguano Inc. opened for business in 2016 selling German made barefoot shoes in North America and at the end of that 1st year they came to WSI to grow their online sales.  In the 3 years to follow we grew their sales by 625%.

Step 1 - Build a Website That Converts

When they came to us near the end of 2016 they had a functioning website, but we recommended and implemented a new site design that would convert more website visitors into buyers.

Step 2 - Build Traffic Via SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a cornerstone of digital marketing.  What’s the point of having a nice website if nobody finds it?  Despite having competitors that have been selling online for many years before Leguano Inc. came along, we’ve been able to get ranked on page 1 for almost all of the keywords we’ve targeted so far.


Step 3 - Sales Automation

A typical eCommerce website converts 1%-3% of visitors into customers, so what about the other 97%-99%?  We developed a Sales Automation plan to engage and capture as many visitors as possible in order to continue marketing to them in a cost effective way. We developed their “character” designed to connect and build a relationship with these prospective customers.  We’ve continued to market to them with monthly emails that often bring in thousands of dollars in sales.


Through our organic marketing efforts we increased the number of website visitors from around 1,000 per month in 2016 to averaging about 6,000 per month 3 years later. Over that same period, website sales per month increased by 625% from an average of under $2,000 per month to an average of over $12,000 per month.

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