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Attract New Customers With

Your Google Business Profile!

The Secret To Local Search In 2024

Did you know that 44% of clicks go to the 3 businesses that Google displays in the Map Pack results of local searches?  This short video will explain the latest local search trends and how you can elevate your business in Google’s Map Pack results quickly.

A Look Behind The Curtain

If you’d like more details about how we can get such amazing results check out this short video.  We take you behind the curtain so you can understand that it’s not magic, it’s patented technology that can give you a huge advantage over your competitors.  We don’t just make promises, we deliver.

Let’s Get Started!

We offer a free consultation where we can learn about your business and determine if it is a good fit for Local Search Accelerator.  We’ll also share with you how you could get to try it free of charge!


“Our business was already doing well, but when we agreed to try Local Search Accelerator the boost in revenue was immediate. The first 2 months after we began were the best 2 revenue months in our history and it continued from there. We’re now 1 year in and our annual sales were up 50% year over year, I’d recommend this for any local business that wants to grow.”

Cody R, Venue Manager

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