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Record Sales Just Weeks After Starting Proximity Boost!

WSI Case Study

Record Sales Just Weeks After Starting Proximity Boost!

Annual Revenue Up 50% Year Over Year!

Sweet Magnolia Estate is a wedding venue that was built from the ground up, opening in 2017.  They have used WSI for all of their digital marketing from the beginning and have grown into an award winning and very successful business, but incorporating WSI’s innovative local search solution “Proximity Boost” has led to record sales overnight.

What Is Proximity Boost?

Proximity Boost is an innovative solution from WSI that is ideal for any business that sells products or services in local region.  It boosts the visibility for a local business very quickly, whether you are selling products from a local retail location or providing a service to a local region, by optimizing businesses for Google Maps.

According to Google sources, 46% of searches have local intent, and as we all know, when you search for something local Google displays a map known as the “Map Pack” with a few chosen businesses on the map.  Data shows that 44% of clicks go to these “Map Pack” results, far outperforming paid ads and even organic “SEO” results.

How Do We Increase Your Visibility?

Proximity Boost increases the visibility for local businesses very quickly, whether you are selling products from a retail location or providing a service to a local region.  The maps you see here show where Sweet Magnolia Estate ranks when someone searches for “Wedding Venue” on Google from each location on the map.  These maps have a 13 x 13 grid of dots that are 1 mile apart and if the number is 1, 2 or 3 then that means Sweet Magnolia Estate would show in the Google Map Pack for anyone searching for “Wedding Venue” from that area.

The first map is the benchmark from before we first began Proximity Boost and the second map is from 10 weeks later.  As you can see, Proximity Boost elevated Sweet Magnolia Estate into the top 3 in a much wider geographic area in a very short period of time.

Triple GMB Visibility

As seen in this graph, the Google My Business listing was being shown about 3,000 to 3,500 per month before Proximity Boost.  We implemented Proximity Boost in December 2021 and you can see that visibility shot up to 9,000 to 11,000 impressions per month.

Increased Website Traffic

As this daily chart shows, an average of 15-20 people every day click on through to the website after finding the Google My Business page for Sweet Magnolia Estate.  This has led to the sizable increase in forms being submitted on the website.

Increased Phone Inquiries

In addition to the increase in the number of forms being submitted on the website from the added traffic, there is also a consistent increase in the number of phone calls that are coming from the Google My Business page itself as well.  This chart shows 77 phone inquiries in the past month.

The Final Result?

Within a few weeks Sweet Magnolia Estate began receiving more phone inquiries and seeing more forms being filled in on their website, averaging 5 forms per day from prospective customers asking about availability, pricing and tours of their venue.  The 2 months after implementing Proximity Boost were the 2 highest sales months in their history and it has continued on from there.  Increasing visibility to a wider geographic region in Google’s Map Pack via Proximity Boost has elevated their business to new heights.

UPDATE: After a full year we can now report that annual revenue year over year was up 50%! 

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